Confusion following Fogel’s statement at SGA

“Nobody but an idiot or Nazi would say they want to work for wages which aren’t livable,” UVM President Fogel said to the Student Government Association. These words were presented during the Sept. 3 Public Forum, moments after Senator Michael Glynne asked Fogel what he thought of the Livable Wages Task Force. They were likewise recorded in the SGA minutes. “I don’t understand the statement,” Network Services employee Barbara Haftarczuk said. “Why would there be any people who want to work for non-livable wages, Nazis or idiots?” On Sept. 6, Fogel retracted his statement, saying, “You would be a Nazi or idiot to say that you wanted employees to work for less than livable wages.” When shown this contrast in quotes, the minute-taker of the night, SGA Vice President Ajay Schmidt said that he may have been wrong in what he quoted. “I did take 16 pages of notes that night,” Schmidt said.”I find it really interesting how the rhetoric has changed since last year. [The administration] was resistant in the beginning, but now they’re embracing it with open arms,” Senator Sam Maron said in response to Fogel’s corrected statement. The SGA Public Forum was bypassed until 7:30 p.m., when Fogel arrived during the induction for the new Anthropology Club. The Anthropology Club was passed with a unanimous “aye.” Fogel apologized for his late appearance, saying that he got caught up in a conversation with an old Dean of Arts and Sciences in the parking lot. The issue of Ian Collins was brought up, and Fogel was asked what his opinions were on the subject. Fogel said that he could not comment. “That all happened while I was out,” Fogel said, “some of it while I was so out I didn’t even know I was in the ICU.” During Senatorial Forum, when Senators can speak freely when given the floor, Senator Benjamin Porter said it is “a: absurd; or, b: untrue that Fogel doesn’t know anything about [Ian Collins].” Campus safety was brought up by Senator Katie Conrad when she asked Fogel if there was anyway to cut back on the outside crime infiltrating the campus, citing Colby Eck and the more recent attack on Athletic Campus. Fogel said there is nothing the campus can do to completely stop invaders. He mentioned how he used to work in the middle of a city, where everyone was under constant surveillance by camera and police. “Can we be Vermont’s University without being an open campus?” Fogel said. “What do you think we could do to improve the relationship between [UVM] and the city of Burlington?” Senator Mandy Frank asked. There will always be a level of discontent between the city and the school, Fogel said, but they live in a symbiosis together,. “Burlington wouldn’t be the chill-out capitol of the Northeast without the University,” Fogel said. After approximately an hour of questions, Fogel left the meeting amidst loud applause and many handshakes. “I think he was being vague with answers and instead asking us what we thought about the questions,” Conrad said later during Senatorial Forum. Many senators present at the meeting concurred with Conrad’s statement.