control of the human herd

6/18/02To the editorUVM and its cynics have a far greater reponsibility. Our socio-economic structure has been changed by government so that we now are focused on accumulation of wealth and building empires and worship of the almight dollar. We have forgotten that life is for living. Only a small percentage of people are successful at this pyramid building scheme, the rest of us are living from paycheck to paycheck, fulfilling our role as indentured servants, going to work each day in our prison without bars. In a society which has rule of law requiring liberty independence and freedom we have seen social engineering by our government to control the human herd. Ayn Rand is the god is this government. Hathaway shirts of Waterville Maine is shutting down its manufacturing plant putting over three hundred people out of work.This is the result of NAFTA that elevates one segment of society, business, over the general welfare and interests of the American people. This plant cannot operate when faced with wage competition of a dollar per hour in the Far East compared to union wages of fourteen dollars per hour in Waterville.Globalization clearly works against the American people. Our nation has always been a world trader but it was not until Congress approved trade agreements placing Americans in direct competition with people who have a lower standard of living that degradation of the average Americans standard of living began.Tariffs once protected us as the richest nation in the world now we only have the richest corporations in the world and not all are American corporations. They are only interested in using us as the biggest market in the world. As we move further into the economic depression government and the people become more aware that the American people who were two thirds of the biggest market in the world cannot participate as a part of that market when their jobs have been sent overseas. Government is again forced to try to spend its way out of the depression they caused.The world is also becoming more aware that these agreements touted as “free” trade have a cost in each nation to the people’s standard of living. Look at what is happening with softwood lumber imported from Canada, Steelworkers jobs in America, bananas in Europe, farm subsidies in America, Stanley Tools joins other corporations and repatriates off shore to avoid taxes etc.Here in Vermont the only expansion of government was in the departments handling globalization and “free” trade. Many can still remember that Johnson Controls was the first to repatriate itself from Vermont to Mexico.I wonder now how close the presidential election would have been between Bush and Gore if one had supported globalization, and “free” trade now that the American people know the unspoken, never debated consequences were to be their jobs were slated to be sent overseas?Clearly there is no representative government and no difference between the parties. Americans are merely treated as disposable business assets to be eliminated to balance workload and maintain profitability. Should Americans be paid more if corporations can get labor from people who live in thatched roof huts and are satisfied with twenty dollars a month and a bag of rice for a salary?Sincerely William Brueckner Sr1421 Shaw Mansion RdWaterbury Center Vt [email protected]