Convocation rings in 2006 school year

Nearly 100 UVM affiliates marched from the Royal Tyler Theater to the Ira Allen Chapel, where a distinguished audience, including governor Douglas, attended the 2006 Convocation ceremony. Convocation hailed in the 2006-2007 academic year at the University of Vermont on Friday, August 30. “I think with more students than ever before, this year provides UVM students with the wonderful opportunity of experiencing a more diverse setting,” said SGA president Seth Bowden. The chair of the UVM board of trustees, Carl H. Lisman, gave the welcoming address to the audience, telling of his own tribulations as a freshman at UVM. “It wasn’t until the night before the botany final exam that I realized that there was a textbook for the class,” Lisman said. John Hughes publicly addressed the UVM community for the first time as provost. “Dan [Fogel]… has received a clean bill of health and plans to be back here in just a few weeks,” said Hughes. “Dan will have had two months to rest, so we all better be ready.” “Regrettably, my generation leaves you many profound problems to address; we tried, oh how we tried,” Hughes said. “But ultimately we were not successful… I here charge you to use your privilege to solve those problems. “I ask that as you see me walking around campus you take the time to introduce yourself and tell me some of your aspirations and tell me what you hope to accomplish,” said Hughes. Acting president John Bramley, the former provost, also addressed the crowd. “I did not expect to be up here today,” Hughes said, “but in life the unexpected happens. “It won’t be long until president Fogel returns to his office at the end of the hallway and I return to my path.” First year student Jake Estes said, “I think it’s cool. I like tradition. It’s a nice day to do it and I like bagpipers.” The ceremony lasted one hour. At the close of the ceremony, a performance of Universitas V. Montis, the University’s song, was sung. The parade marched again, this time to the Billings Student Center, where a reception was held.