Credit crunch affects the Joker too

The end of October is right around the corner and that means it’s almost time for the one day a year when being half naked or wearing a full-fledged Batman costume is socially acceptable. Costumes of all shapes and sizes line the walls and populate the floors of Spooky Town, the University Mall’s seasonal Halloween store. The main concern this year, though, isn’t whether there are costumes but how much they cost. They range from $20 for scrubs to a whopping $70 for a male police officer. According to Diana, Spooky Town employee, “Most costumes are between $40 and $50.”She also said the cheapest way to avoid spending bucket loads this year is to make your own or stick with the classics. “I think classics are always going to be the cheapest,” she said. Sticking with a vampire or witch allows one to use his own clothing and then simply purchase the accessories, such as a hat or teeth.Most accessories run fairly cheap at Spooky Town. Wings ranged from $10-$15. Masks are no more than $5. Other popular items such as a cowgirl/boy set, gloves and hats were priced at $15.If starting a costume from scratch sounds more affordable, other options include Michael’s on Williston Rd. A giant orange sign stating, “Your Spooky Headquarters” is hung right at the entrance, enticing all budget?ed Halloween goers. Although their selection of Halloween-specific stuff was mostly decorations, their usual inventory such as beads, flowers, fabric and ribbons can be turned into almost anything. They did, though, have a small selection of masks and boas, which could be creatively twisted into a costumed idea.Other stores such as Ben Fanklin’s, the Dollar Store and IParty are great resources as well.As to which costumes are the most popular this year, “Indiana Jones and the Joker,” Diana said. And thanks to the coming election, “Everyone is getting the politi?cal masks,” she said.Whether going DIY or purchasing a full costume, go all out! Spend money wisely, and have fun out on the spooky town.