Crime Log: Jan. 31- Feb. 2

Jan. 31


12:46 a.m.

UVM police services received a report of two students arguing in Wilks Hall. One intoxicated student had been trying to punch himself, and the other student was trying to stop him.

The intoxicated student was transported to Act 1, a 24 hour detoxification center, but was refused for being uncooperative and then was taken to the “drunk tank.” A report has been filed with Center for Student Ethics & Standards.

Feb. 1


12:44 a.m.

A hall member came across a student washing a bong in the Chittenden Hall bathroom and contacted police services.

Officers arrived and confiscated two bongs and a small amount of marijuana from the student. A report has been forwarded to Center for Student Ethics & Standards.

2:23 a.m.

UVM police services received an anonymous report that an unoccupied car had been idling near Robinson Hall for approximately two hours with its lights on.

Officers arrived and located the car and its owner, who is a resident of Coolidge Hall.

When officers spoke with the student, he gave contradicting reports as to why the car was there and his prior whereabouts. He appeared intoxicated. Noting obvious front-end damage to the car, officers asked permission to inspect the car. After officers inspected the damage, the student went back into Coolidge Hall and shattered a window. The student has been cited for vandalism, disorderly conduct and unlawful mischief.

A report has been forwarded to Center for Student Ethics & Standards.

Feb. 2


8:06 a.m.

Police services received a report of a car fire in the Harris Millis parking lot. The student who had driven the car before it caught fire had seen smoke coming through the vents, parked it and went inside to call for help.

As soon as the student exited the car, it went up in flames. Somebody driving by saw the flames and called the fire department, who successfully extinguished the fire. Upon inspection, it was determined that the fire started as the result of a mechanical malfunction.