Critical thinking: Musical Musing

He is not easily forgotten. Most Music Television fans of our generation will forever remember him for such classics as “Yoda” and “Amish Paradise.” On his new album, Weird Al Yankovic delivers another worthy chapter in his catalogue of comedic musical rip-offs. Devoting only five of the twelve tracks to parodies of songs, Al also includes original tracks like “Weasel Stomping Day,” and “Pancreas.” The most recognizable and memorable track on the album parodies Chamillionaire’s, “Ridin’,” entitled, “White & Nerdy,” in which Al sings of the ways of the white man from his point of view (“They see me roll on… my Segway/ I know in my heart they think I’m white and nerdy”). For those who cannot get enough of the mocking parody, Yankovic continues his tradition of including a compilation of pop hits set to accordion, all piled on as a single track. This edition of “Polkorama!” includes sections of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop it Like it’s Hot,” and Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound.” Though hilarious and clever through the first listen, Al Yankovic’s songs are much like their original counterparts: they will grow old quickly. Fortunately, the pop-music makers will surely create new songs to be used as future fuel for Yankovic.