Cruel Intentions

To The Editor: First of all, let me start by saying that it is my belief that the same person who writes the “Practical Cynic” also wrote the article that defended her, especially since neither of you had the balls to print your names. Secondly, by stating that I pop some estrogen pills, you are buying into an inherently sexist mindset that is dominated by the patriarchal system we live under today. What does that mean, pop some estrogen? What, because I have muscles that I am not afraid to use, I am less of a woman? Should I regress into the codes of femaleness that your engendered discourse dictates? It is YOU who are hypocritical. Listen to your own usage of language-you prove yourself wrong and that I LOVE! Should I submit to allow things to happen that I think are wrong? I would say not. I do agree that is quite ridiculous that this amount of attention has been paid to dress, yet I do not agree that ANY time be spent criticizing these people publicly since we all live in the realm of ideology. To state that someone else is a greater victim of these propagated ideals is to say that YOU yourself are not a victim, thereby creating a duality between what you deem to be kosher and what the rest of society dictates. This is inherently false. Just as the girls who you criticize submit to gender codes, you, as anybody else, submit to codes as well-they just may simply be different codes. If you were to write an article that mattered and didn’t only skim the surface of these ideological constraints I would start by criticizing the system and not the people who are affected by it. What about the dudes who really, really like those tight jeans, where do they fit into your criticism? Thirdly, to the “Cynic,” you may not be the only one on campus harboring prejudices to certain factions of people on campus, but you ARE the only one who chooses to write your hateful messages in a public newspaper. That makes YOU the author of the pain of those people who you criticize. I happen to know that one of the people you publicly berate has had severe family problems including a mother who has committed suicide and a brother who has cerebral palsy. And this is all a funny joke? Could this be the reason why I am so pissed? Nobody deserves that much pain and on top of that, some biatch writes unfounded criticisms in a public forum. Your hateful words are not funny. If I had enough time to spend at the pottery co-op I would f****** love it. Unfortunately, with school, athletic training and everything else that I do, I barely even have time to give you the f*** YOU that you deserve. But this is it. So f*** you.