Cynic Inauguration Coverage

Below are photos from Cynic correspondents Andre Malerba and Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist from Washington D.C. where they are covering the inauguration festivities along with Connor Boals and Jeremy Spiro-Winn.Live updates coming from our reporters in Washington:9:58 A.M.: Connor: I am on the mall and it is freezing cold. The sun is shining and everyone is laughing and cheering. We are packed in very tight and I need to pee.10:01 A.M.: Connor: I just saw the Governator on the Jumbotron.10:12 A.M.: Connor: Magic Johnson is now on the Jumbotron and the Marine Corps band is playing.10:22 A.M.: Bobby: I am between the Capital Building and the Washington Monument. It is freezing!10:45 A.M.: Connor: The Senate is here as is George Bush Sr. and Barbara.11:39 A.M.: Vice-President Joe Biden is being introduced and Barack Obama is waiting in the wings.11:42 A.M.: Connor: Deafening cheers of OBAMA are going up as he is waiting to be introduced.12:01 P.M.: Even though he has not been formally inaugurated, Barack Obama is now officially the 44th president of the United States.12:15 P.M: Barack Obama is speaking.12:19 P.M.: Connor: It is electric here. There are so many people but it is so quiet.Stay tuned for more updates all day long.