Cyrus Pringle and the Pringle Herbarium

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the University of Vermont arrival of botanist Cyrus G. Pringle, and his own world-renowned plant collection, which became the backbone of the Pringle Herbarium. On the occasion of the centennial, the Pringle Herbarium and the Fleming Museum present an exhibition that looks at Pringle’s career and botanical collection. The exhibition runs from September 13th through December 14th, and is in the Wilbur Room. The exhibition features examples of Pringle’s botanical specimens from his extensive travels in the Southwest and Mexico, as well as those of the alpine flora of Vermont and from the Lewis Creek watershed region in Charlotte, Vermont – his own backyard. Photographs, maps, books, and rare archival materials document the life and career of this key figure in our natural heritage. The exhibition also highlights the work of Pringle’s colleagues in Vermont, including Nellie Flynn, the most prominent woman in 19th-century Vermont botany; Ezra Brainard, president of Middlebury College and expert on violets and blackberries; and Charles Frost, known as “The Shoemaker Botanist,” who collected minute specimens of fungi in shoemakers’ thread boxes from his primary occupation. Pringle’s professional relationships with the leading national and international botanists of the time will be featured as well, including his correspondences with Asa Gray, botanist at Harvard University; Joseph Dalton Hooker at Kew Gardens in England; Nathaniel Lord Britton at The New York Botanical Garden; and Jessie Rose at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. – Press Release