Daley, Holland win

? Students voted, and the results are in – Connor Daley and Samantha Holland are UVM’s SGA president and vice president elects. ? “[The voters have] given me a huge opportunity to do so much for them,” Daley said. “I was already working for them on SGA, trying to make their UVM time a little more awesome, and I am excited to continue this.” ? Next year Daley said he hopes to take a very democratic approach to running SGA in which he will make decisions based heavily on what the students want. ? “I kind of don’t want to be president – I want to be like a prime minister,” he said. “The prime minister is just one member of a cabinet and he doesn’t do anything without the consent or advice of everyone on that cabinet.” ? Daley said he is glad to be working alongside Vice-President elect Samantha Holland this coming school year and believes that the two will make a great pairing. ? “We just became friends and I tried to be unbiased during the election … but I’m really happy because not only is she female, which is really important at a school that’s 60 percent female, but because I know her and she’s a hard worker,” he said. ? Holland is also optimistic about the duo. ? “I am very excited to work with Connor – he has some great ideas and I am looking forward to seeing them in action,” she said. “He is very passionate about what he does with SGA and UVM.” ? As for next year, Holland admits that the bar has been set high when it comes to her performance because of the fantastic work current Vice President Will Vitagliano has done. ? “Will does a great job as V.P., he is so on top of his game it is ridiculous,” Holland said. “I will definitely have big shoes to fill.” ? Vitagliano said he is confident that Holland will live up to all expectations. ? “I’m very very happy that Sam Holland is the next vice president,” he said. “Any of the other candidates would have been fine, but I’m very happy with this outcome specifically.” ? Vitagliano said he is also very certain that Daley will continue the great work that current President Julain Golfarini has started. ? “I commend the student body on choosing the best decision for a president,” said Vitagliano. “I think it was very important that we were lucky enough to get the next president who is going to continue to go above and beyond.” ? Golfarini said he is working hard to ensure that the transition will be smooth for Daley, especially seeing as he had little help during his transition to president. ? “No one took me to meet the provost, the president, the dean of students, which are all really important to my job,” Golfarini said. ” I thought it would have been really helpful to begin those relationships as soon as possible.” ? As for the future of SGA in general, Golfarini said he is convinced the fate of the organization has been placed in capable hands. ? “I’m leaving the office with full confidence that everything that we’ve worked on this year is not going to waste,” he said. “In that sense, I’m leaving in a tranquil way.”