Death Ride to Liberation

OK, so maybe you’re in a cult. Maybe you believe that the best way to become liberated is through death.For the rest of us who would not kill ourselves or anyone we loved, believing it would bring freedom, this article applies.Last week there was an article entitled “It’s Liberation, Stupid!” which began by mentioning 9/11 and explaining how terrorism develops. Considering the 9/11 attacks came from a terrorist group in Saudia Arabia, I’m not quite sure what this has to do with the occupation of Iraq. The US has not been able to identify a single tie between Iraq and the terrorist group. They have also not been able to find a single “weapon of mass destruction” in Iraq – the original reason the government claimed this war began.Moving on.The article then asks who armed Saddam, anyway? They’ve used Russian and French weapons.So are you suggesting we go after Russia and France? FYI: The USA, your own wonderful country, armed Saddam themselves – when it was convenient. We armed them in the 80s, encouraging them to go after Iran, and WE AIDED THEM in 1991 after the Gulf war WHEN SADDAM’S GOVERNMENT WAS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE. That’s right, the US of A helped REINSTATE Saddam as a DICTATOR – the US army themselves became his army and slaughtered thousands who tried to resist the dictatorship. No wonder they haven’t been able to revolt themselves!No to sanctions. Even the author of that article seems to agree – no wonder they couldn’t rise up. But now that it’s too late to undo the damage, we need to GET OUT. The pro-war, pro-liberation argument is that Iraqi people hated Saddam Hussein. So if we left, do you really think that another Saddam Hussein would be allowed to come to power, now that his reign is apparently over?Since the end of the war and the start of the occupation, no “some innocent people” have died. The Red Cross has stopped counting the number of dead and wounded delivered by the truckload to hospitals, where there are hundreds of “totally dismembered dead bodies of women and children” lying in the hallways. That’s right. 4 hospitals for 5 million people. All of their own hospitals were destroyed, and that is the extent of the US humanitarian budget. Meanwhile the ministry of oil was the only thing the US left unscathed. This is liberation?The most truly disturbing part of the article was the part which was big and italicized, mentioning how great and liberating last week’s rally of people taking down the statue of Hussein was. There were about 200 people at that demonstration. Yes, they hate Saddam. Duh. But what didn’t show up in the headlines was that US troops tried to install a US flag in its place. The flag was quickly ripped down and an Iraq flag took its place. Later, when the people realized what kind of “liberation” this was going to be, 2,000 people (ten times the previous number) rallied against the occupation with signs reading “BUSH = SADDAM.” And US troops open fired on them.I say it again. This is liberation? I think not.So what about freedom of speech? Remember the Great Depression? When people put their life savings into wheelbarrows and could buy only a loaf of bread? What about the fact that that’s what the US has done to their economy? What about the fact that they’ve tried to introduce the US dollar as Iraq’s official currency? (*cough* empire) What about this: Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz spelled out US plans – that the UN would not be involved, that forces would remain in Iraq at least 6 months, probably longer; that the port in Umm Qasr has already been contracted for $4.8 million to a US corporation; that by the time the people have chosen a government, corporations like these will already have turned Iraq into a “fully privatized, foreign-owned and open for business” state of industry. (Naomi Klein)Liberation is a term the media feels behooved to use because of the demands of the government. It is disgusting how one sided news channels are, and if you look at only what they say, you are looking at one very narrow-minded side of the story: the side of the rich politician. Try looking at pictures of mangled bodies. Now think for yourself – is this liberation?