Delta Psi

To the Editor, “The reasons….the atrocious fraternity known as Delta Psi….began its minimally illustrious history….is [sic] unknown to me.” If Meyers Jay (the author of “Hazing and Flooding and Goodbye Delta Psi) had bothered to ask any of the thousands of Delta Psi brothers around the world, or contacted the active brotherhood in Burlington, we could have answered this question (in little words to better explain it to Mr. Jay). Delta Psi began in 1850 with nine founding members and through its 154 years such men as John Dewey, Olympians, Vietnam Veterans and the active brothers today (who in the last five years have contributed over 2000 hours of community service at such places as the King Street Youth Center) have shared the ideals and bonds of brotherhood. Kay should put down his thesaurus of spite and concentrate on writing objective journalism, not ranting articles filled with hearsay, innuendos, and typos. I wish to ask the Cynic if Jay’s piece is indicative of my Alma Mater’s newspaper. In Jay’s rant, he labels members of the Greek system (roughly 4-6% of UVM’s undergraduate population) as prostitutes, drug addicts, and bullies. Then Jay asserts the allegation that Delta Psi has closed because of hazing. This too is incorrect. Though I would point out that blindly referring to an entire group of people as “scum” would certainly qualify as hazing under the University’s definition. Jay’s article is devoid of the central tenets of respected journalism. He seeks to inject hate, spite, and insults were one would hope to find reason, balance, and fairness. Jay asks the Cynic’s readers to “not allow the actions of a few morons to ruin your view of the Greek system.” I am trying not to let the actions of a single moron ruin my view of the Cynic.Fraternally,Chris Krueger ’02______Christopher Krueger, alumni, class of 2002If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via email or by phone, 202.225.3397Thanks