Discrimination at UVM

To the Editor:I would like to bring to the attention of the community how I was discriminated against by an “honor” society at our campus.I am talking about the UVM chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I have been a member since my sophomore year and when I decided to run for a leadership position for this, my senior year, I was told no because I am different. How am I different? I have a problem with drinking.I felt that I could have brought a lot of emotion and energy to the table. And I would have worked as hard as I possibly could to make UVM’s NSCS chapter the best there is. I had many ideas I would quickly implement, but I was told to look elsewhere, all due to my disability.I promised that I wouldn’t let my history with booze interfere with my NSCS duties. I told them honestly: I drink heavily and at all times and I can’t control it. I will often put down 20 drinks a day and I couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t show up to NSCS meetings drunk. Maybe I should have kept my secrets in the dark, but you can’t ask someone to live a lie.However I’ve learned to live with it and maintain my life, and even succeed. Alcoholism is a disease and you can’t discriminate against someone with a disease. Why won’t they at least give me a chance?Thank you for your understanding.Chris LancasterClass of 2003