Diverse diversions galore

Off Pine Street, about two blocks south on the right, at the end of a long drive next to Myer’s Café stands Speaking Volumes, a used record, book and antique store devoted to providing the rarest of the rare and oddities in general.Norbert Ender is the shop’s owner, a friendly Austrian man who came to this country about 20 years ago; he is an avid collector of books, records, art and antiques, the overflow of which makes up his spacious store. “I didn’t know about this stuff before I came here … ‘American Graffiti,’ ‘I Love Lucy,” he said, gesturing around his second floor office which is quite literally stacked to the rafters with books and records waiting to be cataloged. Ender also does Internet sales on the side.”I was originally a history buff,” he said of his beginnings in the business, “I’ve always been dealing with this stuff.”Most everything he sells has some kind of historical significance. “I don’t care so much if it’s from the ’90s or the eighteenth century,” he said. “I didn’t have a clear vision of what this would be,” he said. “Originally I had only a couple of boxes of records out, I thought I would let people look through my records, now I have six tables … they said ‘more, more.'” “Records are my secret passion,” he added. He will begin sales and minor services on turntables and turntable accessories soon.Aside from used records and books, Speaking Volumes also carries an impressive assortment of antiques and locally crafted art. Al Salzman, a local painter recently featured on the front page of Seven Days, has several paintings on display there. Ender will soon open a wall to showcase lesser-known local artists as well. At 377 Pine St., this store is a true gem amongst much of Burlington’s tourist oriented fluff.Hit him up if you’re looking for that special erudite something for that special erudite someone of yours. “If it’s out there,” he said, “I can find it.”