Don’t Ruin My Bus Buzz

The “drunk bus” could be headed for rehab if students don’t sober up a little. Despite recent additions such as a second off-campus bus on Friday and Saturday nights so that service runs every 15 minutes and security guards on board to keep the peace, the bus remains as crowded and drunk as ever hence its nickname. “The rowdy behavior has become increasingly bad,” said Katherine Decarreau, director of Transportation and Parking Services. “We don’t want to shut down the bus and hurt 1,000 people because three are jerks, but we’re trying to find a balance where the drivers and students are safe.” Losing the “drunk bus” is tough to imagine for some students, particularly those living on campus, many of whom depend on the bus as a means of getting to and from downtown on cold weekend nights. It cannot really be argued, however, that when students are openly drinking on the bus, pushing one another out of the way to get on board or using their bodies as means to try and stop it, safety