CIVILIZATION IN THE BALANCEThis is our last chance to avoid destruction. Iraq must be liberated now or a world of peace and freedom is doomed. Let us reason together: we all know what the bad guys of the world are planning. We all know that these guys have the will and the armament to eliminate all resistance to themselves and, as with all conquerers of history have attempted, complete dominance of the world. As in the days when the U.S. and the Soviet Union were at each others throats and the doomsday clock was a few ticks from Armegeddon, so also another clock is ticking. That clock will strike midnight soon if the world does not come to its’ senses. Between doomsday and a great civilization of future peace lies the greatest military power the world has ever seen. It is ready and capable of saving this civilization, but is being held off by know nothing politicians who believe that appeasement works. The time when bickering was the order of the day is over and all appeasers must be silenced. If they accomplish their goal, the massed army will be dissolved without an attempt to set the world on a course of peace and the future of civilization will be on an irreversible descent into oblivion. All dictators will be free to enslave their country and all countries around them, and Hell on earth will have arrived. The time is now, make your choice! As Patrick Henry so eloquently stated: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!Charles E. blood fertilizes French soil.