Doran remembered in memorial service

UVM was hit with the loss of one of it’s own March 23 as sophomore Derek Doran passed away unexpectedly while traveling in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., according to his obituary.

Doran was a sophomore in the School of Business Administration and a native of Castleton, Vt., according to assistant dean of students Nicholas Negrete.

Derek Doran was remembered in a memorial service April 9 by members of the UVM community, his friends and family.

“I did not personally know Derek,” Negrete said.  “But in my conversations with his mother and his best friends, it was quite apparent that Derek was very much loved and adored.”

Sophomore Emily Queiroz organized the speakers at the memorial.

“I met Derek here at UVM and he is my best friend,” Quieroz said.

Sophomore Isabelle Joseph was third to speak.

“It’s really weird because sometimes I swear I can still hear his laugh,” she said.

“Derek was the kind of friend where you never got tired of him and each time you hung out with him, it was always something new,” sophomore Connor Klopfer said.

In total there were 10 speakers, as well as Negrete who opened and closed the ceremony.  

Queiroz also made a slideshow with pictures of Doran during his time at UVM.

Doran had taken a leave of absence for the spring semester, but died March. 23. while in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., according to his obituary.

His funeral in Castleton, Vt. was held Apr. 2, which, many of his UVM friends also attended and spoke at, Quieroz said.

“Last week when I tried to speak, I couldn’t stop crying, but now all I remember is the happiness from my memories of Derek,” Joseph said.

Sophomore Maureen Scanlan lived with Doran in Buckham their first year and spoke at the memorial as well.

“[Doran] just got you to do stuff that in the end you’re so happy you did, but if it weren’t for him you wouldn’t have ever done it,” Scanlan said.

“He was so positive, and that’s just something we all have to remember in this time of mourning,” Joseph said.

“Thank you, Derek, for bringing us love, laughter and for gracing us with your presence that none of us will ever forget,” sophomore Olive Hoover said.

The memorial service finished with refreshments and a poster that everyone who attended was welcome to sign.