Dorms to go wireless

The days of students buying 50-foot Ethernet cords that span from wall to bed are over. Students will be able to access wireless Internet from their dorm rooms beginning next semester, according to UVM’s ResLife website. The installation of Wi-Fi into dorms will begin this semester and will provide students with Internet access in all resident halls, according to the February ResLife Family Newsletter. The addition of Wi-Fi to student dorms is long past due, some students say. “I think its crazy it took them this long,” sophomore Logan Gregoire said. “My room got in trouble for having a wireless router, but how can they expect us to not have Wi-Fi?” Residential Life employees said they agree. “We believe that this project is long overdue,” Director of Residential Life Dr. Stacey Miller, said. “But we are excited about finally providing this service to all of our residential students.” ResLife hopes that this change will make it more convenient for students to work on academics as well as connect socially, Miller said.  The addition of Wi-Fi to dorm rooms will be useful for situations when a wired jack isn’t handy, some students said. “I think it’s going to be great, the Wi-Fi in my room right now is really spotty,” first year Julie Montera said. “It’s upsetting when I’m watching ‘Arrested Development’ and Netflix cuts out.” Students will begin to see workers in the halls soon and all workers will have ID tags to identify them as UVM employees, according to the ResLife website.