Dress to Impress

I would safely assume that there is no girl on this campus who has not dressed to impress. I know that I myself have been known to wear a slightly more revealing shirt in order to attract a certain someone’s attention. So what is all the fuss about? We all have the liberty to wear what we want. Some of us choose to wear t-shirts and jeans on a daily basis where others may choose to wear short skirts and tank tops, and we all have the right to do so. But when wearing more revealing clothing, women knowingly set themselves up to be ogled at. Now, I’m sure there are some women who like to be looked at. I guess it can be taken as a compliment. But most of us do not appreciate it when someone undresses us with his/her eyes. It is a cold-hearted reality that objectification does not necessarily have anything to do with the intent of the person putting on the clothes. I don’t understand why people are so upset that Julian pointed out the obvious. It was written in jest and you all need to lighten up. About the girl having anorexia and thinking she is hot, why can’t she be hot? Because she has an eating disorder? Can someone suffering from obesity not be found attractive? What if they have a giant goiter? What I’m getting at here is that women have control over the extent to which they are objectified. On that note, I plan on allowing myself to be objectified tomorrow. I will accomplish this by wearing a knee-length skirt and a t-shirt. Maybe, if I’m lucky, the cute boy in my NR2 class will notice me.