d’souza lecture

to the editor:mr. d’souza conservative crusade againt the dominance of liberalism at america’s college campuses came to a halt at his lecture on november 11th. once again, mr. d’souza attacks upon the “axis of evil”, speak vocal socialists, informed students and scholars, could not be sustained in an intelligent dialogue. rather he repatedely resorted to “dirty play” by ridiculing uvm students who posed intelligent questions to him and avoiding direct answers with unambigious disgressions about racism. if this man is a noted scholar indeed, one would expect to hear a BALANCED presentation about such complex issues as affirmative action and US growing hypernationalism. a black and white argumentation, derived from Mr. Bush’s flawed ideaolgy such as “either you are with us or you are against us”, does not promote intelligent discourse, as it stems from the a priori conviction that our thinking is right and all other opinions are wrong. It is a shame that a man of such cruel intellectual dishonesty, a racist, homophobic and revisionist historian was invited to our campus.ichbins zelkoclass 2003