Dude, This Guys a Champ

I just finished reading Julian Brizzi’s article about a guy who doesn’t like hippies. I honestly have to say that this author is ridiculous in more than one way. I guess he missed the large disclaimer stating that what is to be read and seen on the webpage may be offensive to some people. If he didn’t want to continue reading and be upset by what he saw, it would have been very easy for him to rid himself from the situation. Also, he makes fun of Sean’s spelling. Does it matter? It’s a personal webpage. The part that he should have considered in his own article is the line where he says “Me and some of my friends” now, I certainly am not an English major but if memory serves from elementary english, the correct way to express that would be Some of my friends and I…where were the editors on that one? Another excellent point Julian makes is in reference to the line about hippies sitting around singing about peace. The point that is then made says that it’s called believing in something. This would be fine and dandy if the author did not then go on to say that Sean is ignorant for being pro-war. Call me crazy, but thats believing in something too, just not what Julian believes in. I don’t see how it’s ignorant to support our troops. I guess Julian must have not realized that people his age are out fighting for something they believe in while he and his hippy friends chill…-Lauren McGrath Fordham University, 2005