Eco-Ware expands

Reusable silverware and food containers are spreading throughout campus. The Eco-Ware program is taking steps toward expanding reusable dining options by giving students additional incentives, according to their press release. The program is now offering reusable utensils and food containers at the Waterman Café, Waterman Manor, the Atrium and the Davis Center Marketplace. Eco-Ware, a program launched in Jan. 2011, allows students to buy eco-friendly to-go containers for a cost of $7.50, their website stated. The program is a cooperative effort between Dining Services, the Greenhouse Group and students from the Honors College in order to reduce environmental impact of to-go dining, according to their website. Students who use the service will now receive a 15-cent discount per meal, which is 10 cents more than last year, the press release stated. When asked about the usefulness of the program, students had mixed reactions. “I think it’s a great idea [and] very convenient,” sophomore Rebecca Dallas said.  “The $7.50 original cost has already been covered since I use it at least once a day,” Other students said the incentive was not enough to encourage students to use the program. “Fifteen cents? That’s a nickel and a dime. I wouldn’t even bend over to pick up 15 cents,” said junior Alex Judge. “Use it ten times and that’s $1.50. What can you buy at the Marche for a $1.50? That’s not an incentive, that is a convenient by-product.”