Effecting Change is Money

Right now, UVM is dealing with many issues, and it is important for people to raise their voices. President Fogel wants many changes to happen very quickly, and his wants affect everyone! A possible increased athletic fee, Honors College and the possible construction of an over 8,000-seat venue are among some of the things that will change UVM forever. Additionally, the new downtown noise ordinance strongly affects student life. Tuition is also going to go up yet again next year, despite the fact that we are one of the most, if not the most, expensive public schools in the nation. Also, increased drug use on campus is out of hand.

It was once said to me, “But UVM is just another public school.” I could not disagree more. One of the reasons I came here is because UVM is a unique place. Burlington itself is also such an interesting and unique place. UVM has so much to offer for the students who are willing to reach out and work for what they want.

One of the greatest things about UVM is that it if you need help as an individual, it is readily available and easily accessible. Places like the Health Center, Career Services and the Counseling Center help students so much every day. UVM gives you so many options, and as students here, we have the power to make positive changes if we work for them.

There are so many ways to get involved that really do make a difference. The Cynic is read by members of the administration, many other colleges, has won numerous awards and is a great way for students to learn about issues around campus.

A large percentage of the SGA Senate attended UVM Day at the Statehouse last month, and this was a wonderful opportunity to speak with other students and voice concerns to those at the Statehouse and others who are affiliated with UVM. Their voices are heard. And the Senate works for the needs of the student body. Senate wants to hear your voices and holds open meetings every Tuesday night in the North Lounge of Billings. Be sure to make your voice heard.

Student clubs are another way to get involved with UVM that makes a difference. People involved in clubs connect with other students and are a force and have so much power in their numbers and in the connection they have with one another.

UVM is facing so many issues that we as a student body need to work together, and that means every single person working with every other person. Get involved. Write for the paper, join a club, create a club, vote (or even better, run) for Senate. Senate Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections are this Tuesday and Monday. Make UVM your own.

I challenge you to step up and speak out about the issues that concern you. Senate elections are coming up in a matter of weeks so go to a debate and vote. If you do not agree with something you see happening , write an article for the paper, start a petition, come and talk to the Senate. SPEAK! So many of us pay 30 grand a year to go here; why would we not want to get something more out of it?