Election 2002: Independent/Progressive

To the editor- As a first year student I have been very impressed with the Progressive slate of candidates. Bernie Sanders, Anthony Pollina, Dave Zuckerman and Bob Kiss have all shown me that higher education is a priority for them. They recognize that education (and especially affordable education), is the cornerstone of creating equality in our society. It is crazy that under Democratic and Republican leadership the state has spent more money on prisons than higher ed. in the last ten years…they know this has got to change. By running outside the other two major party’s Bernie Sanders, Anthony Pollina, Dave Zuckerman and Bob Kiss are proving that you can win without the big corpprate money and the strings that are attached to it. They are clear in what they believe and with your support they will take that conviction back as our representatives. If you want people focused on the issues of Higher Ed., the environment, workers rights, and universal healthcare then you too should vote for Bernie Sanders for Congress, Anthony Pollina for Lt. Governor, and Dave Zuckerman and Bob Kiss for the legislature. Colin RobinsonClass of 2006