The English Majors Union Lives And Spends…Our purpose in reviving the English Majors Union is remarkably straightforward. Abundant resources are available for students, which are underused. Our sole intent is the pursuit of academic interest. Revolutionary faculty member Todd McGowan agrees with our basic principle: providing students with opportunity outside the classroom. With his guidance and support, we’re capable of making a difference, one day at a timeFor the general well being of students, we’re sponsoring reading discussion groups. Any person interested in leading one, only needs to find seven to twelve other interested students, do minimal background work, and contact us with the meeting times. With that slight amount of information documented, we’ll purchase the books. There is no catch. Just hoping to infect the joy of reading and allow it to stretch beyond the parameters of the classroom. We’ll also be hosting a writing competition with indulgent cash prizes. There are no pre-requisites for submission, only a length cap. Detailed information about the competition will soon be available on our website, which is currently under construction. Bottom line: we’re aware of the turbulent and under appreciated path of a writer. We believe in giving credit where credit is due. Plans are underway to take dedicated union members and professors to dinner at the end of the semester. This is the only event we’re sponsoring which is exclusive to the department. But we’re hoping to make it a semester tradition, which might eventually develop into stronger faculty/student discourse and camaraderie. Please consider talking to our professors about your interest in thedepartment and the discipline. Ideally, we’ll foster enthusiasm for the lost art of student discussion, perhaps even read along side our teachers. The future of EMU depends on student response. Which now, in our early stages, is encouragingly high. By nature this revived organization is only as strong as its members. It’s our pleasure actualizing your needs but it’s up to you to voice them. We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of the system that’s here for you. Any questions? Advice for EMU? Do you like Emo? Please email- [email protected]