Equality Not Equal To Superiority

To the Editor: “When I get paid the same amount as my male counterpart,” commented one UVM female, “then I’ll go and fight with them.” As I read this statement to myself, my mind is tossed into a whirlpool of… I’m just baffled? I tell my friend Flozack. His only response a “Wha…wha…what, dude?” Anger engulfs my psyche. How can someone pull the sex wild card in an issue of life and death? The argument is ridiculous. Basically, the person is saying that she does not have the same status that men have, so she’s not going to participate in things that demonstrate equivalent status with men (i.e. the draft). So, you are saying that you want equal pay, but you don’t want to be seen as an equal to men on the battlefield. I don’t get it. Oh, I see, you want equal rights. No. You want the equal rights that benefit you. Ok, cool. On a grounds purely aesthetic, however, how can someone compare the value of life with that of money? Word.Nicholas BewleyClass of 2005