Exchange Students Drawn to Trinity Campus

In recent years there have been many international students making Trinity Campus their home. Trinity, in case you didn’t know, is the part of campus that is closest to the College of Education and Social Services and Fletcher Allen Healthcare Center.

Trinity, which has its perks: geology dept. and hand-stretched individual pizzas from Delehanty Deck, also has downsides: awful walk to Southwick, if you’re into music, and living there can sometimes feel like you’re not a part of campus.

Trinity houses many exchange students who are at UVM studying for a semester or two. Assistant Director of Immigration Services, Sarah Curry says, “Trinity is typically the least populated area of campus after room selection and we didn’t want to house this particular group of students, foreign exchange students who are mostly in their third year of university education, with a large majority of first-year students. There was also an effort to place them in housing that would accommodate them during traditional break periods (Thanksgiving, Winter & Spring Breaks). Based on this, Trinity seemed the best fit at the time.” But is Trinity really the best place for exchange students?

Based on housing availability it may be, but maybe there should be more effort put towards housing exchange students closer to Central Campus, where many commute to for classes. Many of the students, who’ve never been to UVM before, may feel too far away from the center of action on campus (usually on Central), and decide to stray from various activities that could make them feel more involved in campus life.

Trinity Campus does, however, offer a shuttle service to Central Campus for students, which saves many a long, treacherous walk to and from classes. The shuttle route is very simple to figure out, and for many exchange students poses no problems.

As for international students in the housing lottery, they have the same chance as any student, in-state or out of state, in getting the housing they would like. “We have a number of international students on-campus who are here to complete either Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral or Medical degrees as well, and they enter the housing pool as any incoming student does. The process is the same,” said Curry.

Whatever the pros and cons may be, many exchange students will make Trinity Campus their home while at UVM.