FACE OFF[Where we agree to disagree about national sports]

ROUND ONEUNC’s Tyler Hansbrough was a unanimous selection for preseason All-American this season. Do you think Hansbrough will carry that momentum into winning a second straight national player of the year award, or will someone else knock him off?[MICHAEL]Tyler Hansbrough is no doubt one of the premiere players in college basketball. This being said, I do not see him getting his second straight Naismith Player of the Year award. Since its inception in 1969, only two players have ever received the award more than once in their collegiate career, both Bill Walton (’72-’74) and Ralph Sampson (’81-’83). It does not seem likely that Hansbrough will join the list of repeat winners this season after a quarter century of one and dones. On top of this, a lingering shin injury may leave him seeing fewer minutes than last year, which does not bode well for the UNC star. Look for senior guard AJ Price from Connecticut to have a big year for the preseason Associated Press No. 2 team.[jake]Although I can’t say I like the guy he is a great college basketball player, and without a doubt will be the national player of the year. Some of his competition will come from Davidson’s Stephen Curry, but Hansbrough was ready for the NBA last year and is playing as a man among boys. As a returning senior who would love to win another NCAA title, you can bet that Hansbrough will play at his highest level and it will earn him the award for the best college basketball player.Michael 1, Jake 0[Looks like history is against Hansbrough and his injured shin.]ROUND TWOThe always exciting MLB free agency season began this past week. Who do you see as the most enticing free agent on the market?[MICHAEL]As we head into the somber winter months without the nation’s pastime, people that follow the game cling on to anything that can hold them over until the spring, and following the free agent market gives them exactly what they need. Starting pitchers are always the talk of the offseason, with two very good ones out there. Both left-hander C.C. Sabathia and right-hander AJ Burnett promise to be highly sought after in the coming months. To me though, the most enticing free agent on the market is Mark Teixeira. The first baseman is a career .290 hitter and rising and his consistent 30+ home run seasons since his rookie year (26 in that year) makes him a formidable bat for any team to go after.[jake]C.C. Sabathia by far is the most enticing free agent on the market today. We all knew he was good, and then he was traded to Milwaukee and then we really found out how good he is. He won 14 out of his 18 starts with the Brewers and showed he had what it takes to win, pitching on short rest for the last couple of games to finish off the season. Sabathia is the top agent because the ace pitcher is a lot more valuable than any good hitter.Michael 1, Jake 1[Maybe Sabathia will be able to use his skills to get a World Series ring next season.]ROUND THREEThis past week, Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel finally made the move to bench struggling quarterback Derek Anderson in favor of the highly touted Brady Quinn. Do you think Quinn has what it takes to turn the Browns around following a 3-5 start?[MICHAEL]After signing the improbable hero of last year’s Browns’ team, Derek Anderson, to a hefty contract in the offseason, it took only half a season for the organization to move in the Brady Quinn direction. Although I agree with the move, I don’t believe that Quinn has what it takes to turn the struggling Browns around. Quinn was quite the college quarterback, with an overall QB rating after his four years of 134.4. However, since he was drafted in 2007, he has played in only one game – going three for eight for 45 yards. I do see Brady Quinn becoming a solid quarterback for the Browns someday, but I don’t see that day coming this year on a team that is, at best, average.[jake]The reason the Browns are bad is because their football team as a whole is terrible, not just the play from their quarterback position. Derek Anderson is a good quarterback, but if he has no time to throw the ball, then what do you expect will happen? The Browns are having trouble running the ball and stopping people on defense, just recently giving up 37 points to the offensively-challenged Ravens, so when Brady Quinn plays, is his presence automatically going to stop people on the other side of the ball? Probably not. Quinn also has yet to be tested in an entire NFL game, so let’s wait a game or two to see who the better quarterback is.Michael 2, Jake 1[Not too many people out there have what it takes to turn the Brown’s season around.]