Faculty Senate investigates cuts

Since last December, the Faculty Senate’s Fiscal and Physical Planning Committee (FPPC) have been at work evaluating the effects of this past February’s $10.8 million worth of budget cuts on the University’s overall academic quality.As part of his stated intentions to increase the dialogue with the UVM campus, University President Daniel Mark Fogel has promised to take the committee’s findings, among those of other groups, into consideration.”That work will extend beyond the just-completed conversations with the deans to incorporate other information that may be forthcoming from chairs, from faculty, and from the work of the FPPC as we deepen and round out our picture of areas that may need attention in the coming academic year,” Fogel said at the March 16 Faculty Senate meeting.The board consists of members from each of the University’s nine schools and colleges and a couple of members from the College of Medicine as well, Bud Meyers, the chair of the Faculty Senate’s subcommittee said.According to Meyers, the committee is seeking answers to questions on increasing class sizes and the steps that need to be taken around that issue.According to the FPPC report to the Faculty Senate, the FPPC has had access to all of the primary source data on budget reductions, class sizes for the fall 2009 schedule and the methodology for calculating the faculty/student ratios.”We tried to focus, I think, on those issues that were the most pertinent ones going forward to enable the institution to meet the goals that the president instituted in November, to maintain the quality of the education,” Meyers said.The committee is scheduled to present their findings in a meeting open to the community on April 2, from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Davis Center.