Fall into the seasons’s fashions

New fall fashions this year are all around campus, despite the lack of money that seems to be stifling many people’s ability to shop.”Tall brown boots are the in thing right now,” senior Colleen Hutton said. Not Uggs, which have been the most popular in past years, but cowboy boots, and other classic tall boots. “My favorite store is Sweet Lady Jane, and you can also get boots at Stella. I got a pair at JC Penny that I really love,” Hutton said as to where to find these boots.These boots can be around $70, but one can find them at Old Navy for $39.50. But switching gears, senior Lauren Bates said some popular fashions around campus right now are, “Bright colored jeans and more leggings than usual.” Although as winter comes, leggings may not be the best choice and jeans may take their place. To find these, check American Apparel where they cost about $68. “I like big sweaters. I’m not a fashion person, but I like the sweater thing,” sophomore Hannah Moser said. “I like to use my friends’. I like hand-me-downs.” Although this is the mode of “shopping” for many these days, big comfy sweaters can be found at almost any store, but try looking at second-hand stores such as Goodwill in Williston and Salvation Army. Also be on the lookout for Great Northern Woolens which will be in the University Mall for the season starting Nov. 20. The store is run by Linda Martin and her husband, who hail from Monkton, VT. “Oh I’m cheap!” Martin said in regards to her prices. “I’m so reasonable and inexpensive!” The prices are about average: $15 for gloves, $20 for hats and $45 for sweaters. All the clothing is made to keep out the cold weather that will inevitably hit Vermont in only a matter of time. Big sellers right now,”Trapper hats [with ear flaps] and gloves,” Martin said.Senior Emily Pawulak also had some fashion wisdom to add. “I’m really into fun fall jackets,” she said. “I just got a really cool one from Monelle.” But, if one chooses to stay a bit on the less expensive end of things, “Urban Outfitters has some cool ones too,” Pawulak said.Urban has jackets starting at $25, but most are around $40. Women aren’t the only ones getting into fashion this season. “I always try to match my shoes to my belt, and also to my hat,” senior Andrew Lutton said. “I do rock a scarf and I love wearing my pea coat.”American Eagle carries men’s scarves for between $20 and $30, but even better, Old Navy has a large selection for $10. Izora Sandler, manager at New World Tortilla in the Davis Center, echoed what many students have already said. “A lot of kids are wearing flat boots and leggings,” Sandler said.But what is her favorite fall accessory? “Scarves. I wear scarves with everything.” When asked where she buys them she said, “thrift stores,” which is probably the most popular place to shop this season. Whether shopping at American Apparel or Goodwill, fall fashions are all around, and at great prices. Don’t fall into the crowd with the leaves, check out the latest fall fashions to stand out, not blend in!