FeelGood feels for Haiti

Recently, UVM’s FeelGood sent a day’s worth of revenue to Haiti in support of the international relief effort.On Jan. 22., FeelGood’s Haiti benefit day sold 147 sandwiches and raised more than $500 to go toward the disaster relief, FeelGood president senior Rachel Rubenstein said.”We understood that it was necessary, and our members got together and decided this was something we wanted to do as an organization,” Rubenstein said.FeelGood advertising chair Danielle Hoey said it was the best day of sales the organization has had this year, and that it recieved a good overall response from the UVM community.”They wanted something like this to happen,” Hoey said.The revenue raised on that day will be donated to Mercy Corps, a disaster relief organization, she said.Apart from the money raised on FeelGood’s Haiti benefit day, all profits are normally donated to the Hunger Project, a global nonprofit organization concerned with ending world hunger and poverty through sustainable means, Rubenstein said.”[Mercy Corps embodies] a lot of the same principles as the Hunger Project, and it is an organization that the Hunger Project suggests people donate money to in support of Haiti,” Rubenstein said.FeelGood has not yet ended its fundraising for Haiti,  she said.”Right now at the deli, we have a donation cup that says ‘Haiti Relief Fund,’ and there is also one for the Hunger Project,” she said. “People continue to donate money to Haiti, while others give extra money to the Hunger Project. It’s about equal between the two cups.”Any money donated to FeelGood specifically for Haiti relief will be given to the Mercy Corps, while all sandwich proceeds continue to go toward the Hunger Project, Rubenstein said.”The Hunger Project works in three different areas of the world: Latin America, Africa and South Asia,” she said. “The three pillars of the organization are grassroots self-reliance, partnership with local governments and democracies, as well as gender equality.””FeelGood is a family of friends. We are all passionate about what we are doing and you can see it on every member’s face,” Hoey said. “Nothing could be better.”