Ferdinand’s fame may end “Tonight”

When Scottish band Franz Ferdinand released their single “Take Me Out” nearly five years ago, it topped the charts instantly. Talk about memorable – its strong downbeats, its repetitive guitar riffs and its lyrics which lead singer Alex Kapranos sings so convincingly, could not escape the lips of every American teenager.With their first two albums, “Franz Ferdinand” (2004) and “You Could Have It So Much Better” (2005), these scruffy Scotsmen proved they could stay footed on American soil. Franz Ferdinand’s latest album “Tonight” (Jan. 2009) discredits their hard-earned fame. After a four-year hiatus, “Tonight” was definitely not worth the wait.It opens with their newest release, “Ulysses,” which lacks the hype and plurality of their past singles. The beat and the lyrics are, literally, boring. “Well I’m bored, I’m bored, c’mon, let’s get high” pretty much sums up the album. They sound as burnt-out as they admit to being.”Katherine Kiss Me” is the only notable track on the album. It’s a cute little ballad and the only instruments being played are an acoustic guitar and Kapranos’ melodic voice professing his love.It’s not that the album is extremely dislikable, it’s just fall-asleep-to material. Don’t prepare to jam out in the car with friends. Maybe that’s why it’s called “Tonight.” Expect to forget it by morning.