Fogel’s Pre-4/20 E-Mail

(Vermont Cynic – I have already e-mailed this letter to President Fogel and to the UVM Ski and Snowboard Club List Serve – I have been getting a massive amount of feedback (mostly positive) – thanks for your time)*Jason Riggio*/Student/April 18, 2005Dear President Fogel,Just a few small questions for you and the student body to chew on…Would you have asked the protesters during the Civil Rights Movement to protest “legally,” because doing illegal things would harm the reputation of the African-American community?Would you have looked down on Rosa Parks (or any other protester performing sit-ins, which of course were very illegal during their time) for violating an unfair, biased law in protest of the situation surrounding her community?Did you ever think that UVM students want to be known as a liberal college that supports the rights of all, including those who choose to partake in an activity much less harmful than drinking (if you disagree go do some research; how many deaths *a year* are caused by alcohol (85,000); how many deaths *ever* have been attributed to marijuana use (0)…)?Is it possible that protesting a law the majority of the students on campus not only disagree with, but break regularily (we are the 6th most “stoned” campus on Earth according to Princeton Review), could be a recognition of our being one of the 81 “COLLEGES WITH A CONSCIENCE”?The 4/20 protest is not just about legalizing marijuana, it is also about providing legitimate freedoms for all. It is about protesting a set of laws that have packed our prisons full of “innocent” people, that have stripped Americans from a basic freedom. It is exactly all about what the majority of the UVM community wants, and I must say that if you cannot see this then you have turned a blind eye to your students wishes and needs and this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Thank you all for your time and concern. If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me or talk to me whenever.-Jason Riggio