Forum shows budget cuts still controversial

President Daniel Mark Fogel faced United Academics and the students, staff and faculty of UVM at a public forum on Feb. 23 to hear their questions and concerns about his budget cuts that have been developing this month.President Fogel appeared with a board of six representatives, including David Shiman, President of United Academics, Robyn Warhol-Down, English Professor and Faculty Senate President and Jay Taylor, SGA President. “There is a world of difference between UVM’s practices and those that we have all vilified, not just in scale – but also in nature and intent,” Fogel said in his opening remarks. “The evidence is clear that we have made, and continue to make, excellent progress.”After opening statements from the six panelists, including a statement from panelist representative of the United Electrical Workers, Carolyn Stanko, calling for Fogel’s resignation, the floor was opened for questions from the audience.Ethan Paquette, a junior who arrived in his uniform from UVM’s now cut baseball team, came with four other players to ask Fogel why he had cut their championship winning team.Fogel said he was regretful and sad that the cuts had to be made, but reiterated his feelings that cuts of both the baseball team and the softball team were necessary.The forum ended after one hour and 30 minutes. Fogel had personally answered all of the questions posed by students, faculty and panelists.