Four sailors cited for hazing

Vermont criminal citations were issued to four people on the sailing team after police services found evidence of a hazing crime, UVM Chief of Police Services, Lianne Tuomey, said. Four UVM students, Alexander G. Culbertson, 20; Mark J. Dougherty, 19; Sara C. Frantz, 19; and Catherine N. Solsvig, 21, are cited to appear at the Vermont District Court on Dec. 22, UVM Police Services said. “Police Services gathered the facts and circumstances and presented the information to the State Attorney’s office,” Tuomey said. Pat Brown, director of Student Life, said that three things could happen to the students now that the state attorney’s office has the information. Then, the information could be passed to UVM where the University would deal with the situation; the students could be recommended to partake in court diversion – or they will have to go through the state court system and be charged with a crime that would go on their records. As of now, the sailing team is still suspended and they do not know when they will be able to The University of Vermont suspended the sailing team before they had been proven guilty, an act that many were not happy about. The team faces possible suspension if there is information that raises immediate concerns to the health and safety of students, Brown said. “In this case there was enough information,” he said. “Until the hearing is heard downtown, UVM doesn’t do anything because they don’t have the report to do anything with.” After UVM receives the police report, it goes to the Student Activities Committee of the Student Government Association and the Center for Student Ethics and Standards (CSES), he said.There, the SGA will look at the case from an organizational perspective and the CSES can either look at the case from an organizational or individual perspective, Brown said. “While we are sad not to be sailing, we understand why the University has to act this way and accept it as a safeguard for the health of students,” head coach of the sailing team, Justin Assad, said.