Fraternity avoids removal

  The fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) found itself in hot water after a recent incident sent its members to a disciplinary hearing that almost resulted in the fraternity being kicked off campus.   After an incident involving alcohol abuse in their house, the fraternity was temporarily suspended, but reinstated in mid-November.   “An individual was sent to detox,” Director of Student Life Pat Brown said. “[The event was] no more major than anything else.”   When something like this occurs, the organization is usually suspended pending a hearing with the Student Ethics board, he said.   The University was in the process of determining whether or not the fraternity would be recognized on campus in the coming semester, but the club was allowed to continue operations after facing a less severe punishment, Brown said.   President of SigEp Alex Haller said that the University’s decision to suspend the fraternity was made before hearing from the students.   In the aftermath of the incident, Haller said that the fraternity has worked to reevaluate its rules and focus on the problem of underage drinking.   “It was a setback, but it has been a good opportunity to allow us to look at our actions and put a positive light on the situation,” he said.   Haller also said that Sigma Phi Epsilon’s national organization was supportive of his chapter.   “Nationally, they have over 200 chapters, so they are used to this kind of thing happening,” he said.   Haller said that the fraternity participated in a workshop conducted by Diana Gonzalez, a student life professional at the Center for Health and Wellbeing.   The workshop focused on the relationship between men and alcohol consumption, he said.   Gonzalez said that they talked about societal expectations of men who drank, and how the fraternity’s values fit into their drinking behavior.   “In the evaluations, they said that they thought [the workshop] was helpful and relevant,” Gonzalez said.