Free Press Blackout

This past Saturday I took part in the Burlington Anti-war Coalition’s march and rally in Burlington City Hall Park. Up to this point I have been dismayed by the apparently systematic under representation by the media of the country’s large and growing anti-war sentiment. But the Burlington Free Press has managed to top this by not even mentioning a gathering that took place practically on its door step!During the march, I stopped to count ranks as they crossed College Street (something an astute Free Press reporter could have done almost by poking their head out a window) and came up with between eight and eleven hundred protesters.The Free Press was told about the upcoming event on at least three separate occasions and invited to a press conference. But alas, it would seem that even this proved too much for its investigative prowess. Unable to “connect the dots,” the Free Press has set either a new low for inaccuracy or a new high in ineptitude when it comes to keeping Vermonters informed.Steve Barrett84 Maple RidgeCambridge, VT 05444644-8239