Freshman Shocked to find Art History classes nothing like “The Da Vinci Code”

Wheeler Milton expressed a feeling of “supreme disappointment” after having taken two introductory art history classes during the fall semester. “Not once,” Milton said, “did we learn about the illicit relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. “I was expecting murder, mystery and mayhem,” Milton stated, “but there was only a little excitement with this guy Caravaggio, who dueled with people and painted the Saints like vagabonds.” Milton explained that the bar was set high after he read Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, “The Da Vinci Code”. “I thought nothing could improve upon Brown’s commandof language and exhaustive scholarship,” Milton said, “but then I saw the movie and it did such a great job of developing each character and pulling you in, while remaining factual with the art stuff.” He confessed that he was “more interested in conspiracies”than the actual art, and therefore he has switched his major to political science. “I just feel that the political science department will be much more open to talking about worldwide cover-ups and secret societies,” Milton said.