Funky When Wet

The Burlington-born funk band Soulvation Army will grace the Higher Ground stageon Feb. 16 to start off the Magic Hat Mardi Gras Weekend.Fronted by the talented and electrifying Mike Golgone, this huge group of a dozen members has an equally big sound that will serve as a perfect commencement to the annual Magic Hat celebration.The band is comprised entirely of UVM students, alumni and faculty, and when Soulvation Army says they will have aspecial guest (as they are promisingfor this show) they do not disappoint; they have had Phish drummer Jon Fishman and jazzsaxophone giant Dave Grippo onstage with them at previous shows.The upcoming show is sure to be a memorable one, as Golgone, having recently graduatedfrom UVM’s music program, is currently teaching music classes at an elementary school in Massachusetts, and thereforethis is to be Soulvation’s first show of the new year.