Getting pied for a purpose

On many weekends, one might wish to pie a cop in the face. Had you been at the Davis Center on Friday at noon, you could have.Organized as a fundraiser for UVM’s Alternative Winter Break program, where students explore ecotourism in Honduras, many passer-bys were given a chance to pie numerous administrators and a police officer in the face for the small fee of $20.The fun started when the future victims, including one of the UVM police, start?ed heckling those passing up the opportunity.Among those selected to participate, Pat Brown, the director of Student Life at the Davis Center, stood anxiously waiting for his pie to the face. He ended up with so much pie in his face that he couldn’t quite see where he was going, leading to quite an amusing attempt to get to the men’s bathroom to clean up.John Abbott, the Outdoor Program director of Student Life, was also pied in the cold weather.Larry Forcier, professor of the Rubenstien School, took one for the team in good spirits.When it came to his turn, a volunteer student, with a “sorry, professor” gave professor Forcier half a face full of pie.Sue Roberts, representative of the UVM Campus Police force, had a much await?ed turn by the spectators. It didn’t take much shouting of “C’mon I know you want to pie a cop!” before two people volunteered.At the end of the event, a leftover pie was being offered to passersby for one last attempt to hit a participant. A student walking into the Davis Center saw an opportunity. He went right for the cop. Direct hit.The student abruptly left.The event was quite a success, especially with the help of both Roberts and Ab?bot, who pledged to match any donations that were raised