Golfarini will meet Obama

? Though his days as SGA president are numbered, Julian Golfarini will still bear the official title when he visits Washington, D.C. for a conference. ? Golfarini will represent UVM at the National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC) summit from April 14-15, almost a week after his term in office comes to a close. ? In order to represent the student body and sign documents while at the conference, the SGA passed a bill March 20 granting Golfarini extended presidential powers for his time in Washington. ? “This is the inaugural year of this,” he said. “If we sign a charter at the meeting in Washington that Obama signs, I want UVM’s name on it.” ? The summit aims to bring together student body presidents from different schools across the nation, Golfarini said. ? Student body president at another school came up with the idea for the conference after he had worked with a number of presidents to discuss important issues relevant to student government, he said. ? “The Obama people caught wind of it and were like ‘that seems like a really great idea, why doesn’t something like this exist so the we can solicit feedback from them,’ and they created this organization,” Golfarini said. ? The 2012 summit will feature sessions that address such topics as financial aid, college accessibility, U.S. debt, youth unemployment and community building, according to the schedule posted on the NCLC’s website. ?