Golfarini wins SGA presidency

After weeks of campaigning, Julian Golfarini beat Aliza Lederer-Plaskett by 21 votes in the race for president of the Student Government Association. “It feels incredible,” Golfarini said. “It is now sinking in a little bit more. Thanks to everyone who supported me. I really appreciate it. Golfarini won with 698 votes to Lederer-Plaskett’s 677, Speaker of the Senate Claire Chevrier said. “With the closest vote ever in UVM history, I’d like to congratulate Julian Golfarini on his win today by 21 votes,” Lederer-Plaskett’s Facebook status stated. “Thank you to everyone who has supported me, your time, votes, energy and help have meant more to me than I can express in words. Time to Move on.” Although 15 percent of students voted in the election last Wednesday and Thursday, previous years saw substantially fewer numbers of student participants, Chevrier said. “This is actually one of the highest turnouts we’ve had,” Chevrier said. Vice President David Maciewicz said he campaigned for the election in favor of Golfarini and sent emails to numerous listservs belonging to clubs on campus encouraging students to vote. “While it is perfectly fine for him to send an endorsement to the first two [clubs] it was not acceptable for him to send one to the third because he only has access to the listserv due to his SGA position,” Chevrier said. Maciewicz said that it was not his intention to endorse anyone through those emails, but Chevrier said that he has been seen publicly supporting Golfarini in other ways. Golfarini said he is ready to get started. “I am really excited, Senate elections are coming up. I encourage everyone to get involved in that and pick your senators. I am most excited about picking the executive committee and just start making the team.”