Greeks greet first years

Recruitment numbers may be up for UVM Greek Life. The new academic year has brought an increase in student interest at the organizations pre-recruitment informational sessions, Inter-Fraternity council president Chris Stiffler said. “Nationally the numbers for people interested in being a part of Greek Life are up,” Director of Greek Life Kim Monteaux said. “At UHN, numbers were up 35 percent. We are hoping that we have some of that energy and buzz our way.” The two governing boards of Greek life — Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council (IFC) — are responsible for the organization of the recruitment process. During the first few weeks of campaigning, members of both fraternities and sororities said they have noticed enthusiasm from incoming first year students. “The governing boards of Pan-Hellenic and IFC have been hard at work collecting names and contact information from potential new members.  We have had a record response in this process,” Alex Mallea, President of the Pan-Hellenic Council, said. “There has definitely been a lot of interest,” Stiffler said. Some students even take matters into their own hands and go visit the Director of Greek Life with questions, Monteaux said “A lot of students are stopping by the office to get info and in my five years that has never happened,” she said. There are multiple theories as to why there has been this apparent increase in student’s desire to join Greek life. “This could be because of the larger size of the class — but positive thinking,” Stiffler said. “People are realizing it is not just a social, stereotypical community here.”   Greek Life Recruitment Week Sept. 7: Fraternity 101: Recruitment Information Night. All 11 chapters will give five-minute presentations.  6-8 p.m., fourth floor, Davis Center Sept. 8: Fraternity’s hold their own recruitment events Sept. 13: Sorority 101: Recruitment Information Night. All 7 chapters will give five-minute presentations. 6-7 p.m., Billings North Lounge Sept. 20-25: Sorority Formal Recruitment/ National Hazing Prevention Week