Green Capitalism?

The Editor-in-Chief of the Cynic, Nicholas Rahaim has written a very interesting critique of the modern “autistic,” economy in “Changing the Paradigm.” However, for us to move forward in the interests of true ecological stability we must both reaffirm the element of progress in what Rahaim’s proposal and ruthlessly expose what is anti-ecological and hence contradictory..To maintain that applying a paradigm shift of “1) ecological sustainability 2) distribution (rational),” and “3) efficient allocation,” within the current “paradigm,” of production, and henceforth specific class relationships, is an outrageous falsehood. The “voodoo,” economics of off-handedly applying limits to the outward expressions of capitalist economy is the same uselessness as Hercules slicing off the heads of Hydra only to see them return in threes. To understand this we may look to Aristotle’s insights “True wealth consists of such values in use; for the quantity of possessions of this kind, capable of making life pleasant, is not unlimited. There, is, however, a second mode of acquiring things, to which we may by preference and with correctness give the name Chrematistic, and in this case there appear to be no limits to riches and possessions.” This “Chrematistic,” is Capitalism, and the Capitalist has no limits to his accumulation, for his endless accumulation is his very existence. Capitalism forms from the development of exchange-values, the economic units of price as dislocated from need, such as our dire ecological one. Hence, though indeed, “the extraction rate of natural resources should be at the same rate that resources regenerate,” and “waste emission rates should be at the same rate that (the) ecosystem can assimilate the waste,” these factors are in opposition to the whole the process of capitalist accumulation and exchange. Owing to the fact that there is no limit on the value of possible capital accumulation and that there are definite limits on the actual ecological capacities of our planet, the unceasing competition between various capitalists will drive practices that are ultimately apocalyptic because they are not fundamentally connected to those concerns of use. In no other fashion can the US’s refusal of the Kyoto Protocols, and continued refusal in the face of its recent ratification. “Sustainable development,” is antithetical to sustaining the development of the powers that be.*************You Can Cut It Here And Add My Contact Information*****************************or add the rest, or print this in its entirety as an article*************Thus Rahaim, though showing great concern for our ecological and social need, his proposal of a Keynesian “reformism,” or state-intervention, “true-cost,” pricing (an oxymoron) and “GPI,” sophistry, is utterly conflicted in that he has barely moved an inch in his allegiance to the very world historical process responsible for the rape of our world. What at most can be said for these efforts is that Rahaim’s efforts are comparable to popping a zit, the ugly whitehead may be temporarily destroyed but the eating habits and environmental factors fundamentally causing the face to break out are left to continue their social-status destruction. Capitalist production results in untenable expansion and alienation from human need must always destroy our great mother earth, that is the question of the day, and that is what must unequivocally be reckoned with. Rahaim, the revolution in economics began a while ago with Marx and Engels. Clearly, a better world is possible, a world in which social control over production in accordance to need, and not to accumulation, rules. *************************Contact Information******************************We in the International Socialist Organization invite all those interested in addressing this question and others (such as THE ELECTION) to join us in NYC on Oct.23 for the conference “Building a Left Alternative.” In attendance will be Howard Zinn and Peter Camejo (Ralph Nader’s VP) among others. Contact Maxwell Clark at (203) 767-6381 for more information.