Green to-go

University Dining Services has come up with an idea that could make UVM greener. A new program called Eco-Ware was launched offering reusable containers for takeout meals at the Marché and Brennan’s on Jan. 17, Marketing Assistant for University Dining Services Jay Taylor said. “There is obviously a strong demand for takeout dining here at UVM and Eco-Ware is a very important step towards reducing the environmental impact of to-go dining,” Taylor said. To take part in the program, students can buy a container for $7.50 from the Marché or Brennan’s and reuse them each time they get a meal, he said. The price of $7.50 covers the cost of the first container, the cow-tags used in the Marché and some of the additional dishwasher supplies and labor costs, Taylor said. Students use the cow-tag, given to them from the cashier, to show the chefs that they are a part of the Eco-Ware Program, he said. A student can use their Eco-Ware container at Brennan’s by asking for their meal to-go, Taylor said. Sophomore Stephanie Parente said that she was excited that the dining services are taking steps toward being more environmentally friendly. “I think that if it benefits the environment without costing the University more money, then it could be a good idea,” Parente said. Eating only two takeout meals per school day every week and using two disposable utensil each time will add up to at least 170 plates or to-go boxes and twice as many utensils per year, Taylor said. “Multiply all of that by the many thousands of customers we serve and you can quickly see why this is such an important issue,” he said. For participating in the Eco-Ware Program students will get a five-cent discount off of their meal, Taylor said.