GWB Lied to Me

Michael Jackson said “it don’t matter if your black or white,” George W. Bush said “The dictator of Iraq is not disarming… He has ties to Al-Queda and weapons of mass destruction.” Michael, if skin color doesn’t matter why did you spend millions of dollars trying to change from black to white? Fortunately for us, Michael Jackson is a pop singer, his quote merely another lyric from another song. George W. on the other hand is our president. G.W., it’s becoming clear that none of your claims for Iraq are true. All that your invasion of Iraq has given us is thousands of dead bodies. At least 8000 civilians have been murdered in Iraq since the US invasion. Almost 550 US soldiers have been killed, 2600 have been wounded. 2000 Iraqis military personnel have been killed as well. This war has produced more than 10,000 deaths, all for the capture of one Iraqi tyrant. No WMD or links between Iraq and Al-Queda have been uncovered, instead Iraq been destroyed by war. George W., thousands of families worldwide have had to mourn the passing of 10,000 loved ones. The infrastructure of Iraq has been torn to pieces by G.W.’s unjust war. Because of the USA’s unjust invasion, Iraqis now live in a country that can no longer provide for its people. In an act of ignorance, the US military has even destroyed hundreds of acres of fruit trees that once fed Iraqi families. George W., I voted for you in 2000 because I believed in you. I thought that you would restore honor to America. When the 2000 elections were manipulated I like looked the other way. After 9-11, when I was riddled with fear you told us to go shopping and I listened. To the benefit of your economy, I’ve since shopped myself into some serious debt. I’m beginning to see what kind of a president you are Mr. Bush and I don’t like what I see. You care more about economic growth then you do about any other values. You use scare tactics to get what you want at home and abroad. You’ve attacked two countries in less than 4 years! You’re destroying our country’s honor; lying to us and the world so that you could have your dirty wars. UVM students, as a Bush supporter I need to ask you all NOT to vote for Bush in 2004. This man is sick. He is addicted to power and he is destroying our country (and the world) so that he and his wealthy ring of power can continue to grow richer. I urge you to join me in writing letters to Bush and the other presidential nominees asking that Bush apologizes for lying to us and the world. Let us be sure to vote in the 2004 election so that we can live in a better world with more peace and less fear.