Hazing and Flooding and Goodbye Delta Psi

To add to the problems of an already weakening Greek System here at UVM, the “ever popular” Delta Psi was recently closed down earlier this semester. Why you ask? That question’s simplicity is surpassed only by the idiotic reasons Delta Psi may be no more. Not only were they caught hazing, they also neglected their house to the point of condemnation. Few may actually realize this, but Delta Psi was locally founded in 1850. Basically, this rather respectful legacy is in dire straits due to the actions of a few idiots. Whether you believe it or not, sororities and fraternities are not started for the sole premise of boozing and getting laid. At times it seems that a large contingent of UVMers prefer to stereotype any person within the Greek System, rather than try to understand these organizations true foundations. Classic arguments against “frat rats” or “sorostitutes” include, “They have to pay for their friends” or “They are only looking to get drunk and do drugs.” The list could go on for a rather long time, but it is better off ended here. The fact is that yes, that is why some people join sororities or fraternities. The thing is though, that everyone is not like that. The people that join for the wrong reasons are usually the ones that ruin things for everyone else that wishes to see their Greek society thrive and stay true to their ideals.Now, back to the atrocious fraternity known as Delta Psi. The reasons Delta Psi began is unknown to me, but I can assure you it was most likely in the hopes of forming a strong brotherhood between a group of college students. However, somewhere along its long, minimally illustrious history, the brothers of Delta Psi made mistakes and began to accept brothers that were joining for the copious libations and hordes of women. Basically, they became that stereotypical frat house that everyone at UVM seems to loathe, and for good reason. However, don’t allow the actions of a few morons ruin your view of the Greek system. A great man once said, “No human institution lasts long unless is satisfies a human need.” That need is friendship when it comes to fraternities and sororities. When the members of one of these organizations lose track of this, they become tainted and lose track of what is important. The loss of Delta Psi may further weaken the Greek system here at UVM. However, this purge of the scum could be exactly what the Greek system needs; get rid of the “frat guys” and strengthen the true fraternal brotherhoods. Delta Psi gave the whole Greek system a bad name and got what they deserved. Perhaps they will be able to rise like a phoenix, but this columnist doesn’t see that happening nor hopes it does. Good ridden to a corrupt fraternity and shame on them for ruining a 154-year tradition.