High cost to see Obama

? ? The price tag on President Barack Obama’s campaign event this Friday has deterred more than a few students from attending.  “The main reason I’m not going to see the President is because of price,” sophomore Rebecca Nelson said. “Even though it’s very expensive, I think that it’s good all the money will be going to the president’s campaign.” Nelson said that although the cost might prevent the majority of students from attending, she believes the President will face a largely supportive audience. “Based on the type of people that go to school here, I would say that they will be very accepting and open to the President,” she said. “Vermont, in general, has a lot of his voters.” In fact, the Burlington Free Press recently reported that Vermont has contributed the most to Obama’s re-election campaign per capita, according to Federal Election Commission finance reports. Vermont contributed $730,805 to the President’s campaign through Feb. 29, which comes to more than $1 per state resident, the article stated. Although some students said they were disappointed by the $44 cost, others decided to purchase tickets anyway. “I got tickets as soon as I found out the price went down,” sophomore Addie Halligan said. “The tickets could still be cheaper, but I think it’s thrilling that President Obama will be here.” Sophomore Ellie Liota agreed, saying that she was really looking forward to the event, but money was the biggest obstacle for most students she knew. “Since we’re students and the event is on our campus, I thought the price could be lowered still,” Liota said. Amidst the excitement, other students said they are indifferent about the President’s presence on campus. “I don’t really care about it,” sophomore Kemar Bell said. “It’s not affecting me in any way. “Everyone keeps saying how excited they are that the President is coming to UVM, but I’m not going to waste my money when I can just see him on TV,” he said. Tickets for the March 30 event went on sale in February, and all $44 and $100 tickets are sold out, according to the Obama for America website.