Honors College Resolution Passed By SGA

On Tuesday, Feb. 4 Student Government Assosiation passed the following resolution in regards to President Fogel’s initiative to implement an honrs college at UVM next fall. For more information contact SGA Academic Affairs Committee Chair Stephanie Knisley at [email protected] or the President’s office.Honors College Resolution: Whereas the Student Government Association (SGA) supports the efforts made by the University of Vermont to improve academic climate and promote intellectual advancement; Whereas the SGA supports the notion that an honors college would help acheive these goals by challenging outstanding students and providing them with an outlet for their academic talent; Whereas the SGA has concerns regarding admissions criteria for first and second year students, the curricular cohesiveness of the program/college, the overall academic experience for honors students, and the effects that the honors college will have on the academic experience of the restof the student body and faculty; Whereas the SGA feels that the present proposal for an honors college at the University of Vermont would benefit from further, extensive planning and currently does not satisfactorily answer students’ questions; Whereas the SGA acknowledges that this program could be successful and benefit the Universityas a whole; Whereas the SGA feels that the planning process is being rushed and that more time to contemplate critical issues is necessary; Be it resolved that the SGA supports the idea of an honors college but requests that the issues of resource allocation, curricular cohesiveness, co-curricular activities, and other concerns are addressed prior to implementation.