How ‘Bout Dem Apples

Nick Cowles dreams of having giant fantastical paper mache puppets roam about his orchards during picking time.

Kate, an apple picker from the University agrees and thinks the puppets would make for a delicious atmosphere, apple picking.

Nick Cowles owns and operates Shelburne Orchards south of the University on Route 7. This past Sunday there was an apple-pie contest and it was a grand affair. Despite the weather, eaters, bakers, and judges, alike packed a cavernous packing-room where over 37 pie entries awaited judgement from esteemed tasters.

Nick himself was made to determine what the second place would be after a recall vote couldn’t separate the two.

“I thought one pie was clearly better, so I voted for that one.” Pies were judged on filling crust and overall appearance. Oct. 16th and 17th are senior citizens appreciation days so find an old person and bring them apple picking, bushels for cheap of ground picks or tree plucks.